Monday, July 9, 2012

Do you ever wonder why you are doing what you are doing?

I used to.
Then I gave up.

Questions like: Why am I a Real Estate agent?
My only answer: it’s because of Jesus!
I fought Real Estate at first.
God won.
I have never been so glad to lose a fight.
Saturday may have been the worst, best day of my life….

Waking up sick on the day of my first official open house, was anything but spectacular.
Setting up “Open House” signs in 114 degrees, could possibly be a reflection of hell.
I was faced with a choice: I could use the Lords strength and be joyful, or I could be a crab.
My character when sick and sweaty, gravitates towards crab.
If I’m miserable, then everyone else should be also.
God had other plans.
As much as Id like to say I chose joy, I know God chose it for me!
He knew what was coming…

While I cant go into details…
Trust when I say God had a divine appointment set up.

I saw potential buyers walk through the door, God saw broken children in need of His love.
He changed my eyes to see an image of a customer, and fixed my heart to see a soul.
Tears flood my eyes yet again as I think of the gem who walked through the door that afternoon; a woman in need of a friend, a prayer, a hug, a shoulder.
She came looking for a house…but really God was looking for her.
As soon as the conversation began, so did her story unfold.
Tears streamed. Hearts ached.
The Lords power reigned as His Spirit overcame through prayer.
A connection was made in a way ONLY His love can connect.

Why am I doing Real Estate?
Beacause God says, “Love ME. Love others.”
God wanted me to love a beautiful stranger. That day. That time.  HIS way!
He simply used Real Estate to connect the two of us.
It’s not the way I would have planned it.  It’s better.

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  1. I agree, doll!!! And this makes me think of my encounter with a hurting child of God just going about doing a whole lot of nothing- or so it seemed to me! I wrote about that moment here: