What's Your Verse 14?

Second to my passion for the Lord, is my passion for people and relationships. One of my favorite things are coffee dates, which facilitate an intimate interaction between people by allowing for meaningful conversation. Whether the conversation is surface level or ultra confidential...something new has been learned about one of Gods marvelous creations.  Unfortunately, there is limited time nowadays, and coffee dates aren't as frequent. Maybe that's why blogging was invented??? Not sure, but I will choose to utilize it that way!

There is wisdom in learning from others...I seek to be wise!  I desire to have deep, meaningful relationships with people...relationships that leave fingerprints.  I want to inspire and be inspired.  I would love for my blog to become a facility, not only where I inspire...but where I can learn and be inspired by others as well. 

It would be pure joy for me to hear Our Marvelous Creators version of Psalm 139:14 in your life...who the Creator of the Universe made you to be!

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