Thursday, December 1, 2011


With such a big revelation from the Lord, I was left to ask, “Now what?” Where do I start?”

Aside from seeking the Lord through prayer and quiet devotion, I sought out the people in my life for their wisdom and guidance.  They all had many wonderful ideas…all being different from one another, EXCEPT they all told me to start with blogging.


I have never considered myself to be writing savvy…. and never put it to practice outside of school walls. My big mouth never needed me to search out another outlet to communicate…seeping words as fluidly as a teapot…there could not possibly be much else to communicate!  Not to mention the security, spoken words has over written words.  Spoken words can soon be forgotten, while written words are glued to a page once written.  I never thought my words were adequate enough to be put on a page…until I realized “THESE ARE NOT MY WORDS!”

 I was afraid my thoughts and passions would be regarded as nuisance, and argot my excuse for not blogging.  I have since realized the silliness in anxiety in fretting over what others will think…. If all count God’s words in me as nuisance, but one is left encouraged…I am dignified to boast!!!  Savvy or not that is reason to write!  No longer will I be burdened by the insecurity of writer's block, but will embrace what the Lord is teaching me to be used for.
I wrote these words in preparation to publish my blog…backlogging blogs as to not become overwhelmed.

I did not anticipate how overwhelmed I would be by Gods blessing and His faithfulness to allow me the opportunity to connect with as many people as I did in one day!

I was shocked by the countless messages that consumed my inbox yesterday…messages filled with inspirational, vulnerable, and personal stories!!!  Messages not only left by close-knit friends, but with acquaintances and distant friends alike!  Why was I shocked, when the Lord simply answered my prayers?

I will admit, writing is not my favorite.  But connecting with people is.  In one day I have connected with more people than I have in three months through the means of blogging!!!  I am so thankful to the people in my life that pointed me down this direction to utilize my keyboard, not just my mouth!

Many have asked me since publishing my blog…what now?  What comes after blogging?  What will your ministry look like? What do you aspire to do?  Will you go back to school?  Will you jump into teaching and speaking at places?  Do you want to council?

That’s the beauty of living by faith…As long as I’m faithful to follow the steps God has placed before me (blogging), he will be faithful to provide more steps in His perfect timing.  Take this journey with me…. as God not only writes my personal story…but as He establishes yours as well 

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