Thursday, December 22, 2011

Simply Genuine!

Two weeks ago one of my dearest friends held a ceremony for her son who past away 6 months ago.  The day of his ceremony was to be his one-year-old birthday.

Personally, I did not want to attend the ceremony at all…the thought of re-visiting the tragedy taunted me.  However, love for my friend out weighed my own personal animosity and I went.  I will forever remember that blessed day.

Cooper lived six months and one day, to God‘s design.  Every one of those days, he lived out his purpose; his purpose being to bring his family joy.  Everyone knew Cooper to be the happiest baby; his limitless supply of snuggles and smiles, made for very proud parents.  Coopers love was genuine, as babies cannot fake emotion…all his smiles and laughs stemmed from the joyful character the Lord created in him.  Cooper wasted no time in spreading love to his family; making sure his 6 months left a mark in this world.
Babies have no concept of time, therefore, Cooper had no comprehension that his days were short coming.  But with that, babies are also void of busyness and distraction.  Their purpose in life is not thwarted to burdens that we as adults struggle with.  Babies are simple, genuine, and to the point.  Their limited view helps them maintain an unclouded view of life.

At the memorial, my friends spoke of their son Cooper, and the joy he was in their life.  They spoke of the hardship the past six months have been without him…but in the midst of their devastating loss, they chose to remain obedient to the Lord, by trusting in God completely.  They spoke of the peace they had in knowing their sons’ days were numbered, even before He was born.

“…all the days ordained…were written in your book, 
before one of them came to be.”
-Psalm  139:16

As the memorial was ended in prayer, and balloons were released into the sky, I turned back for a glimpse of my friend.  To my surprise she was beaming.  Her smile radiated of peace…a joy flowed from her, that I know could have only come from the Lord.

I turned back to watch the balloons drift into the sky, as sun rays were beaming through the trees.  Tears streamed down my face as I knew Cooper was celebrating true life with His Creator on the day of his birth.  There was a celebration in Heaven that day, just as there were in the hearts that were blessed by Coopers short life.

The image of my friends smile, and the balloons sent to Cooper is a snapshot that will always remain in my heart.  The image serves as a reminder to how short my life is, and that my days are numbered. My goal is to live a life of simplicity as a baby does…seeking dependency and joy from my Creator…not being consumed with busyness and distraction…keeping an unclouded view of life... and to love those in my life with genuine love.  I hope at the end of my days, I too, can leave my loved ones behind with a beaming smile of peace.  


  1. Wow, what a sad thing to have to go through. I will have Cooper's family in my prayers. God will bring peace. I'm glad there was a special ceremony and balloon release for him.

  2. Thank you Ash for your sweet words and expressing our genuine love for Cooper and for our Father. I love you and cherish our friendship!